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New Testament Greek A

New Testament Greek B

Introduction to Biblical Theology

Introduction to Christian Ethics

Old Testament Foundations

Isaiah (English)

Isaiah (Hebrew)

Jesus And The Gospels

Romans (English)

Romans (Greek)

Grace And Eschatology

Church History to 1550

Principles of Evangelism

Introduction to Pastoral Care

OT Prophets & Writing

The Early NT Church

Church Ministry & Sacraments

Leadership in Christian Ministry

Principles & Practice of Hermeneutics

The Continental Reformation

Principles of Christian Counselling

Psalms (English & Hebrew)

Christian Worship

Hebrew A

Knowledge of God

Cross-Cultural Communication

NT Exegesis: Synoptic Gospels (English)

NT Exegesis: Synoptic Gospels (Greek)


The following subjects are offered by Bible College SA.


  • Subjects with '3′ or '4′ as their first digit are diploma (pathway 2) and degree level.
  • Subjects with '5′ or '6′ as their first digit are graduate level.


Church History

  • CH301/CH501 – Church History .. the Church to 1550 - A survey of major developments in the history of the Christian Church – the Church in Imperial Rome, The Church as Christendom, The Continental Churches and Reform.
  • CH302/CH502 – Church History .. the Church from 1550 to Modern Times - A survey of major developments in the history of the Christian Church – Reform and Revolution, Change and Renewal, The Church Universal.
  • CH421/CH621 – Church History .. the Continental Reformation - A detailed insight into the causes and nature of the Reformation on the continent. Applying lessons from history to ministry today.

Developmental Ministry

  • DM310/DM510 – Foundations for Youth Ministry - An introduction to youth in society. Biblical, theological and strategic foundations for youth ministry.
  • DM411/DM611 - Youth in the Churches - Ministry with young people in churches.

Evangelism & Missiology

  • EM305/EM505 - Theology of Mission – A study of the biblical foundations for mission and evaluation of contemporary missionary developments in the light of biblical understanding.
  • EM324/EM524 – Introduction to Evangelism - Biblical and theological perspectives and principles of evangelism. Includes field-work.
  • EM408/EM608 – Cross Cultural Communication – Communicating the Christian message to people in different cultures
  • EM409/EM609 – Cultural Anthropology – Developing an understanding of the patterns and processes of culture and the implications for Christian mission
  • EM421/EM621 – Living Faiths – Study of two major non-Christian living faiths in detail, usually Hinduism and Islam.



  • LA002 - Introduction to Biblical Greek - Introductory study of New Testament Greek
  • LA003A & B - Biblical Hebrew – Learning the grammar and syntax of biblical Hebrew for the purpose of translation and exegesis of the Hebrew text.
  • LA004A & B - New Testament Greek - Learning the grammar and syntax of New Testament Greek for the purpose of translation and exegesis of the Greek text.

New Testament

  • NT301/NT501 - New Testament .. Content & Setting of the Gospel Traditions - A study of the historical background to the New Testament, introduction to the gospels and an overview of Jesus' life and ministry.
  • NT302/NT502 - New Testament .. Early New Testament Church - The beginnings and expansion of the church, with special reference to the Acts of the Apostles.
  • NT420/NT620 - NT Exegesis .. The Synoptic Gospels - Critical issues in the modern study of the gospels. Theology of Luke and exegesis of Luke 14-24 from the English text
  • NT428/NT628 – NT Exegesis .. Other Epistles - An introduction and theology of 1 Corinthians & Hebrews including exegesis of 1 Corinthians 12-15 and Hebrews 1-4 from the English text.
  • NT429/NT629 - NT Exegesis .. Romans - An Introduction and Theology of Romans and exegesis of Romans 1-11 from the English text.
  • NT430/NT630 - NT Greek Exegesis .. The Synoptic Gospels - Critical issues in the modern study of the gospels. Introduction and theology of Luke. Exegesis of Luke 19-24 from the Greek text.
  • NT438/NT638 - NT Greek Exegesis .. Other Epistles - Introduction and theology of 1 Corinthians and Hebrews. Exegesis of 1 Corinthians 12-15 & Hebrews 1-4 from the Greek text.
  • NT439/NT639 - NT Greek Exegesis .. Romans - Introduction and theology of Romans and exegesis of Rom. 1-8 from Greek text.

Old Testament

  • OT301/OT501 - Old Testament .. Formative Traditions - A study of the content and themes of the Old Testament from Creation to Elijah.
  • OT302/OT502 – Old Testament .. From Israel to Judea - A study of the content and themes of the Old Testament from the Eighth century prophets to the end of Old Testament.
  • OT420/OT620 - OT Exegesis ... The Pentateuch - The theology of the Pentateuch with special reference to themes such as covenant, law, etc. Exegesis of selected texts from Genesis to Deuteronomy.
  • OT426/OT626 - OT Exegesis .. Psalter
  • OT427/OT627 - OT Exegesis .. Isaiah
  • OT430/OT630 – OT Hebrew Exegesis ... The Pentateuch
  • OT436/OT636 – OT Hebrew Exegesis .. Psalter
  • OT437/OT637 – OT Hebrew Exegesis .. Isaiah

Pastoral & Church Focused Ministry

  • PC402/PC602 - Foundations of Pastoral Care – Basic issues in pastoral theology; developing an integrated biblical & theological understanding of pastoral ministry; ministry to families and people in various life stages and transitions.
  • PC405/PC605 - Principles of Christian Counselling – Understanding major issues in life stages and transitions, developing a biblical perspective and some basic counselling skills
  • PC444/PC644 - Supervised Field Education - Courses of learning through observation and supervised participation in various ministries.
  • PC447/PC647 – An Introduction to Preaching – An Introductory course on preaching; developing preaching skills; involves a practical component of sermon delivery.

Philosophy & Ethics

  • PE301/PE501 - Introduction to Christian Ethics - Intro to ethical teachings of the bible; ethical reasoning and decision making; contemporary ethical questions.

Biblical Studies

  • BB301/BB501 – An Introduction to Biblical Theology - A unit which equips students with the methodological skills and content of the discipline of biblical theology as a framework for biblical exegesis, hermeneutics, and systematic theology.
  • SAB31/SAB51 - Understanding and Using the Bible – General Principles of interpretation of the biblical documents for use in teaching and preaching


  • TH401/TH601 - Theology .. Knowledge of God - Includes concepts of revelation, place of Scripture, creation & providence, humanity, sin & evil.
  • TH402/TH602 - Theology .. Doctrine of God & Work of Christ - Includes attributes of God, Person of Christ, Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, incarnation, death & resurrection of Christ.
  • TH403/TH603 - Theology .. Doctrine of Grace & Eschatology -Includes repentance, faith, work of the Spirit, the kingdom – present & future, judgement, heaven & hell.
  • TH404/TH604 - Theology .. Church Sacraments & Ministry – Includes the nature, authority & mission of the church, Christian initiation, the Lord's Supper, Christian Worship and Prayer.

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