Vocational Christian workers should never stop learning and growing. This is because there is always more to learn from the Scriptures and there are always ways that we can further develop as faithful and effective ministers of the gospel.


Each year, Bible College SA offers a number of courses specifically designed to sharpen, deepen, refresh and further equip those already serving in Christian ministry. We call on international and local experts to teach advanced biblical studies and practical ministry courses that have direct application to real-world on-the-ground ministry.
Each unit of study may be taken for audit (non-assessment) or for credit towards a postgraduate award, such as a Graduate Diploma of Ministry, or a Master of Arts. All units are delivered in intensive, or punctuated intensive, mode to enable busy gospel workers to participate.







17 - 21 June



With Dr Jason Maston


This course is a study of the Gospel of Mark in its ancient and modern contexts. The focus will be on the historical, literary and theological aspects of the Gospel and students will explore the Jewish world into which it was written. The course will also trace out how Mark constructs his account of Jesus, and will identify the key theological ideas expressed in the story.



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Partnering with City-to-City Australia, Bible College SA will be delivering the City-to-City Incubator program, which aims to equip local leaders to start and build churches in Adelaide.


Dr Tim Keller’s thought leadership, cultural acuity and practical wisdom are evident across his own ministries and also in the programs that have been produced by City to City to train more faithful and effective ministers of the gospel. Bible College SA is very excited to have an active partnership with City to City that allows us to offer these world-leading courses to our students, including pastors who want to continue growing themselves and their ministry capacities.



7 February, 21 March, 2 May, 6 June




With Andrew Katay

CEO City to City Australia


This unit seeks to equip students with the ability to preach expository sermons that apply the gospel to the heart and expose the falsehoods of our cultural story. The four topics it addresses are –


What is good preaching?


Serving the Word in expository preaching


Preaching to culture


Preaching to the heart







30 July, 27 August, 24 September, 29 October




With Dr Cameron Munro
Senior Pastor Trinity Church Brighton



This unit continues our delivery of the acclaimed City to City Incubator program for church leaders. The four topics it addresses are –

• Gospel Theology

• Personal Life of the Gospel-Centred Leader

• Grace Dynamics of Personal Renewal

• Kingdom-Centred Prayer





City-to-City Australia has partnered with Bible College SA, an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology.

ACT bw




4 - 8 February




With Dr Jeff Pugh


In this unit, Dr Jeff Pugh helps us to understand the dynamics of church life and culture that are often hard to detect for pastors who are deeply embedded within their congregations and traditions. The capacity to analyse congregational systems is critical for leaders who want to drive change and oversee new seasons of positive gospel growth within their churches. However, completing both subjects for credit will enable candidates to exit with a Graduate Certificate of Ministry.

This unit can be credited towards Baptist Accreditation.




If you wish to register your interest or ask questions about any of the above programs please contact the Registrar on 8291 8188 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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