Gospel Leadership Development is an in-service development program for today's gospel workers in Adelaide, South Australia, and beyond. Bible College SA exists to equip gospel workers for the harvest at both their initial stages of training and when they are seeking advanced in-service vocational development. Whether we have been engaged in vocational mission and ministry for two years or three decades, it is vital that we dedicate time each year to gather with other vocational gospel workers as we continue developing our ministry skills in community, so that 'as iron sharpens iron, one sharpens another'. BCSA's in-service development program offers study at a postgraduate level where - through fellowship, worship, and scholarship - we explore how what we learn from God's word engages our ministry and mission contexts. Our goal is to see today's gospel workers being refined, sharpened, inspired and on top of their game for effective gospel work in their context.


There are three strands within the Gospel Leadership Development Pathway. Please click on any of the strand options below for more information:



Strand One:      In-Service Development for Today's Gospel Workers


Strand Two:      City-to-City Incubator Program


Strand Three:   Study Towards Baptist Accreditation


There is flexibility between strands, so units can also be drawn from each of them to compile a tailored a program of study.


Strand One: In-Service Development for Today's Gospel Workers


The purpose of the in-service development pathway is to equip today's gospel workers with advanced biblical and ministry skills in community with fellow, like-minded, gospel workers. It is a pathway delivered in intensives and can be taken for audit or for credit towards a postgraduate award. Each intensive is undertaken in a five-day block and includes gathering in worship, eating together, and learning under the guidance of an internationally renowned expert and practitioner.



For 2018, the following units are offered:


Yarbrough Rob web



July 16 - 20

With Dr Robert W Yarbrough



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Anyone participating in the in-service development pathway can also undertake units within the City-to-City Incubator Program (see details below). 


If you wish to pursue in-service development for credit, then you may wish to consider the following nested award structure. The nested award structure allows you to gradually progress through a program of study with three exit points:

Graduate Certificate of Ministry or Theology

Graduate Diploma of Ministry or Theology


Master of Arts (Ministry or Theology)


The entry requirement into the in-service development pathway is an ACT Bachelor of Ministry or Theology, or a Master of Divinity. Please note that the only requirement is the completion of the above awards; there are no GPA requirements. 



Click here for details of the Postgraduate Program


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Strand Two: The City-to-City Incubator Program     RCtC-rgb-AUS  




Partnering with City-to-City Australia, Bible College SA will be delivering the City-to-City Incubator program, which aims to equip local leaders to start and build churches in Adelaide.


The City-to-City Incubator program originated at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City under the leadership of Tim Keller. It originally ran as a six week, invitation-only intensive in New York. However, Redeemer is passionate about seeing leaders from around the world plant churches in their own urban contexts and is therefore now establishing the Incubator program across a number of countries. BCSA first offered the Incubator Program in 2015, and is one of the first institutions in the world to offer the program as an option within an accredited tertiary theological award.


The full Incubator program covers four broad areas:



1. Living inter-connectedly with a gospel dynamic (Personal-Interpersonal domain)



2. Communicating grace and truth in a way that forms and engages disciples (Prophetic domain)



3. Creating a missional culture (Priestly domain)



4. Executing a visionary leadership (Kingly domain)



At BCSA, the four areas make up four units of study that can be taken for audit or credit. If taken for credit, then the four units make up a Graduate Diploma of Ministry.


In 2018, BCSA will run one unit per semester. The delivery of each unit will be via four one-day workshop sessions. Each unit will involve peer-to-peer coaching, personal spiritual formation, application of ideas to real-world problems, and hands-on training that combines theology, church planting theory and insights from adult learning theory. There are two criteria for entry into the program. The first is that the participant must hold at least a BTh/BMin or an MDiv. The second is that the participant must be leading a church or an urban church plant, or be actively preparing to do so.


In 2018, Cameron Munro, Senior Pastor, Trinity Hills Church, will deliver the following two units:                


1.Discipleship Formation Through Communicating Grace and Truth


Semester One:     4 x 1 days (February 27, March 20, May 1, June 5)


Module 1: Proclaiming Christ from all of Scripture
Module 2: Applying Christ to the heart by grace
Module 3: Dealing with conflict in the grace of Christ
Module 4: The grace dynamics of corporate renewal


(click here for more details)



2. Transformational Leadership    


Semester Two:      4 x 1 days (July 31, August 28, September 25, October 30)


Module 1: Spiritual formation as a leadership task
Module 2: Leadership through others
Module 3: Leading a church through growth transitions
Module 4: Leadership through organisation


City-to-City Australia has partnered with Bible College SA, an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology.

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Strand Three: Study Towards Baptist Accreditation


Bible College SA has the privilege of offering coursework subjects for gospel workers pursuing accreditation with Baptist Churches SA.


These units focus on developing advanced preaching skills as well as exploring issues of Church Systems and Congregational Health.


Both audit and credit options are available. However, completing both subjects for credit will enable candidates to exit with a Graduate Certificate of Ministry.



If you wish to register your interest or ask questions about any of the above programs please contact the Registrar on 8291 8188 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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