Bible College SA’s campus is located in Malvern, a quiet suburb just 3km from the centre of Adelaide. The main bluestone building adjoins a number of spaces which accommodate the lecture rooms, library, kitchen, dining and chapel areas. The grounds include a spacious front lawn area and parking is available on site.

Teaching Spaces

Bible College SA has four main lecture rooms. The largest accommodates 60 students and the smallest 14. The chapel, which looks out onto a garden area, can seat over 100 people and can open onto the adjacent lecture room to create space for up to 200.


Burrow Library


The Burrow Library contains a collection of over 27,000 volumes and carries subscriptions to more than 70 journals. There is ample desk space and a seminar room for private and group studies>


IT Facilities


The College's wifi is free for students and accessible throughout the campus. A number of computer terminals are available in the library for student use. Students are provided with local and remote access to the College server which contains a number of study resources.


Dining facilities


A dining room is available for students for meals. Students may bring their own food although lunch is provided on lecture days at very reasonable rates. The dining area also has microwave ovens and tea and coffee making facilities.



Bible College SA does not provide residential accommodation, however, Adelaide is the cheapest Australian mainland capital city and its large main roads and low traffic volumes make commuting around most suburbs quick and simple. For international, interstate or country students, Bible College SA can assist in finding suitable accommodation.