The Bible College of South Australia is an interdenominational college that is committed to training both men and women with the skills needed to effectively communicate God's words in Scripture.


There are many things to look for in a Bible College, but the priorities must be around core convictions, academic strength and practical value. Below are the key features that distinguish Bible College SA.


Reformed Evangelical Convictions

Bible College SA unashamedly upholds the central and historic doctrines of the Christian faith as recaptured in the Protestant Reformation. This means that we believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God the Father, that he died for our sins and that he rose again as the first fruits of the New Creation. We believe that salvation, forgiveness and eternal hope are only found through Jesus and we believe that following Jesus is transformative for life. We also believe that Scripture is God's authoritative word to us. We uphold that the whole of Scripture is useful for making us wise for salvation and for teaching, for rebuking, for correction, and for training in righteousness. See our full Statement of Belief here.


Academic Freedom

While holding firmly to our central convictions, we also encourage freedom of thought. The goal of the College is not to produce students whose thinking simply mirrors that of our lecturers at every point, but rather to see men and women who can engage well and honestly with the Scriptures for themselves. Guidance and help is always available, but our aim is to train minds as well as to fill them.


Theology for Ministry

Although there is a distinction to be made between theology and ministry, at Bible College SA, we are deeply committed to teaching theology for ministry and to grounding all of our ministry subjects in solid, biblical theology. We do not believe that the theological task is complete if the practical implications and applications of academic theology are not determined. Similarly, we do not believe that practical ministry is purely pragmatic, but rather, we hold that it must be the conscious expression of clear and deep theological conviction. This is why in all of our ministry classes we ask 'why?', whereas in our theology classes, we ask 'so what?'


Our Accreditation

Bible College SA is the only institution in South Australia to deliver the awards of the Australian College of Theology (ACT), a self-accrediting national higher education provider, which operates as a consortium of independent affiliated colleges. Our membership within the ACT ensures that all the programs we deliver are nationally moderated, quality assured and are delivered to the highest standards of academic rigour. The courses of the ACT are widely recognised both nationally and internationally.           ACT.logo






As well as being academically rigorous, our faculty are able to share years of significant ministry experience with students. Having served in different roles in church leadership and in a range of parachurch ministries, they bring wisdom and insights which ensure that course work is always well connected to on-the-ground practical ministry.


Learning Community

The best way to learn is in the context of a learning community where iron can sharpen iron (Prov 20:18) and good fellowship can be enjoyed. At Bible College SA, we greatly value our community time together, both in the classrooms as well through the more social parts of our College life together. Lecturers and students regularly mix outside lecture times and there are always good opportunities to talk theology in the dining room over lunch. In fact, it isn't unusual for significant learning to happen through these more social interactions.


In addition to being a learning community, however, we are also a worshipping faith community. Our academic pursuit is of a relational knowledge that prioritises knowing God, not just gaining knowledge about him. Moreover, the kind of knowledge that we desire is transformational and so together we seek to align our world-view to God's view of the world.


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We're in South Australia!

Locals know that South Australia is a fantasic place to live and Adelaide is a city with everything close to hand - beaches, markets, parklands, the Hills, university precinct, an international airport and more. Practically, Adelaide is a great place to live while studying as it is both the cheapest Australian mainland capital city and is very easy to get around. The College is easily accessed by a short bus trip from the CBD.