Life at BCSA is about more than academic study. We learn, grow and journey together in Christian community.

College life is not just taking classes, working on assessments and sitting exams. As we look to be transformed by what we are learning, we also enjoy sharing in life and formation together. There are a number of formal and social contexts in which this happens.




Our weekly chapel servies give us a great opportunity for us to share in praise, fellowship and learning together. In addition, because our students run the chapel services, they are a great training environment and they give us the opportunity to think both theologically and practically about planning and running a ministry.


Ministry Development Sessions

Ministry Exp2

Each Thursday morning, our ministry development program provides students with training for a breadth of different ministries and pastoral situations. This is a time when we regularly invite practitioners in to coach and guide students and also provide lots of opportunity for interactive learning.


Formation Groups

Tim formationgroup

Once a week, full-time students also meet in faculty-led small groups to discuss skills and questions of character that will be needed for faithful Christian ministry. These groups also provide us with good opportunities to pray for each other.


Prayer Days

We are dedicated to being a prayerful community and pray most times we gather together. Once a term, however, the College sets aside a day of prayer. On these days, we come together to give thanks and praise to God, and to pray for each other, the ministry of the College as well as for needs in the wider world. We want students to be dedicated to prayer in their future ministries and praying together at College is a good way to set healthy patterns.  


Morning Tea and Lunch

Dining room

Each lecture day, we break for morning tea and lunch. Great fellowship happens over food and so we encourage students to use this time to come together in the dining room and share each other's company as well as to fuel up for the next class. There is a great buzz in the dining room at these times, and always a good conversation to be part of. Students also contribute to the set up and pack up of our community lunches, and as well as being a great service, this is a good time for bonding too.


Pastoral Care

All of our faculty have experience in pastoral ministry and they are committed to supporting students during their courses of study. Students are welcome to knock on lecturers' doors at any time and will always be treated with respect and care. Appropriate confidentialities are observed.


Non-Lecture Days

Currently, a full time student can do all of their face-to-face learning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Thursday evenings, but the library and dining room are open from Monday to Friday, meaning that College life goes on all week long and students are regularly on site reading or working on assignments. Students also have after hours access to the library during the week and weekends.