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Free Pastors' Workshop 2 - Post-Christendom Christianity
Friday 05 May 2017, 09:00am - 11:00am
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BCSA is pleased to offer a series of free workshops for Church Leaders, Leaders-in-training and Ministry workers.

Workshops are a great opportunity for those working in ministry to network, learn and share practical tips and application.

Content will be drawn from careful biblical and theological study, as well as from years of practical and pastoral ministry experience.


Workshop 2  Post-Christendom Christianity

Presented by Rev Dr Tim Patrick, BCSA Principal 

Friday 5 May 9-11am


After over 1500 years, the Western world is now experiencing the formal decoupling of church and state. This is of monumental significance in terms of the history of our civilisation and Christians everywhere are working out the best way to approach this new reality. In many cases, they are labouring hard to stop the change and to turn the clock back to an earlier time, but this is not the only possible approach. The New Testament gives ample evidence that the church can not only survive - but can actually thrive - even without the support or endorsement of the state. This workshop will consider the biblical teaching on the relationship between church and state, and how Christians can be faithful and fruitful even as circumstance radically change.


Cost: Free / Morning Tea Provided 





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Location Bible College SA, 176 Wattle St Malvern